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My Alaska Photos
~All photos by Alla Dalton 2003~


I went to Alaska on a job the last part of September and had
two days to do some sight seeing.  It is such a gorgeous State!
These are just a few of the pictures that I took.

Mt. Aleyeska

We took the tram to the top of the mountain and eat lunch and look at the gorgeous view!

Deb & Alla

This is at the top of the mountain.

Top Of Mt. Aleyeska

What a view from the top!

Portage Glacier

My girlfriend & her hubby. We were driving from Mt. Aleyeska to Seward.

Exit Glacier

We hiked up to this glacier! It's just outside of Seward.

1951 Glacier

In 1951, the glacier was all the way back here at this sign!

1978 Glacier

Here is where it was back in 1978! You can see how it is slowly receeding!

Why are glaciers blue?

This explains why glaciers are blue!

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~Everything on this page to Alla Dalton 2003~