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My Alaska Photos
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~All photos by Alla Dalton 2003~


I went to Alaska on a job the last part of September and had
two days to do some sight seeing.  It is such a gorgeous State!
These are just a few of the pictures that I took.

Tour Boat

This was the boat we took to go siteseeing out of Seward. It is a 6-hour ride which included a fresh salmon dinner half way through!

Aqua Water

This is the color of the water close to the shore before we got too far out.


These little birds are called Puffins. You see them all over!


We saw several groups of seals lounging on the rocks.

Aialik Glacier

This glacier was HUGE! We stopped about 1/4 mile from it for a half hour and listened to the ice crack (it was very eerie sounding), and fall into the water. It was an awesome experience!

Aialik Glacier

I circled the seals laying on fallen ice to show you how huge the glacier is in comparison to those seals!

Aialik Glacier

I thought this was a cool formation of the ice! Looks like a cave.

Mountain Goat

We saw this Mountain Goat on our way back from the glacier veiwing. He just stood there for about 5 minutes looking at us!


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~Everything on this page to Alla Dalton 2003~