The Homer Spit

My girlfriend lives in Homer. This is called the Homer Spit.

Land's End Hotel & Restaurant

This is at the very end of the spit! It is literally at, "Lands End!" My girlfriend Deb works here.

Shops on the Spit

These are just a few of the unique shops on the Spit.

The fishing hole

This is a man-made fishing hole. While I was there, it was stocked with Silver Salmon and they were jumping all over the place! I have never seen anything like it in my life!

Cafe Cups

This is a great little Espresso Bar and Restaurant that friends of my girlfriend, Deb, own. It is in Homer.

Deb's house

This is my girlfriend's house. She has a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Alaska.

The View from Deb's house

This is the view from Deb's house!

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