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All About Griffy



Grif is the love of our lives!  This handsome black lab was born on August 12, 2001.  We got him when he was 11 weeks old.  He went through, and passed "puppy training" with flying colors.  Our backyard has become a burial ground for his bones!  He has also chewed up several socks, hats, towels, blankets, my sunglasses, 2 phones, soccer balls, 2 leashes, a collar and a harness.  I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but we knew when we decided on a lab puppy, we were in for it! LOL  When we are at the lake, we can't keep him out of the water-he loves it!  He jumps off the dock with the kid's, swims by himself just for the fun of it, and fetches anything you throw in the water-yep, he's a typical lab, that's for sure!
All in all, he's an awesome dog.  He has brought us a ton of joy.




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